50/50 by RAW WAR

Title - 50/50 by RAW WAR

Year - 2018

Brand - RAW WAR by Antoinette Raphael

Photography - Strato Sarris

Model - Antoinette Raphael

Location - Car Sales WA Workshop, Perth, Western Australia

50/50 by RAW WAR is a mini collection branched from the Capsule Collection 'THE POWER OF VIBEZ.' This mini collection consists of 3 outfits - the first out of the three being the outfit designed, created and worn by the Designer to the INTERSECT Graduate Showcase - the first official showcase of the Capsule Collection. This outfit worked with the idea of creating a hybrid with the contrasting and unique print designs used in the main collection. An oversized suit structure was continued into this outfit, however the suit was physically split in half through construction. This splitting in half action was continued into the second outfit - a branded fleece hoodie and matching shorts. The concept of 50/50 was further explored with a matching set, a characteristic silhouette of the brand, through a red minky coat and shorts, paired with a fleece crop top. 50/50 by RAW WAR symbolises the brand's development out of fashion education and into the retail/consumer world of fashion however still staying true to the adoration of print design and expressive garment structures.


This collection's first showcase was at the Face Fashion event in Melbourne, April 2018.