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The brand explores the concept of repetition through the introduction of the new monogram print, yet to become a staple signifier of the brand’s DNA.


This print sees the classic icon of the brand placed on the canvas, reflected, and then repeated.

Alongside this new monogram print, the brand also introduced refined and new silhouettes. Their classic oversized, androgynous reversible bomber jacket was refined and presented for AW21 in this new print [see image to the left]. 


The new silhouette which was introduced in this collection is their Cropped Fitted Bomber Jacket. This jacket sees the conventionally oversized bomber jacket subverted into a waist extenuating garment. The garment remains oversized in nature around the body and sleeves, however the hem includes a lengthened ribbed waistband which hugs the waist, resulting in a flattering silhouette while highly insulating the wearer [see first image in below slideshow]. 


RAW WAR digs deeper into the idea of repetition, relating it to consistency and reputation. The result is the statement that this full collection is what RAW WAR plans to repeat from now on, in the hopes to cement the foundation of the brand, especially in relation to retail. 

This collection was initially launched at a Pop-Up shop at the largest and only Sneakers & Streetwear Convention in Australia, titled ‘SNEAKERLAND’ [pictured below]. 


Photography: Brendan Cecich Photography

Models: Emmanuel Hunzwi and Antoinette Raphael

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