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Coming out of the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020, the brand collated their 'RICHTER' collection alongside a variety of new samples, to present internationally. 


RAW WAR joined forces with UK based PR Company 'Black PR Group' to create a Virtual Showroom for the launch of this curated collection (see images below).

A specific piece out of this collection that reflects the zeitgeist of this time is the 'Quarantine Bomber Jacket' - a bomber jacket which was ultimately a collage of all past prints created in-house by the brand. All the materials used to construct this bomber jacket were found in the RAW WAR studio; this being the only option for the brand during the COVID-19 lockdown in Australia [see first image in third slideshow below]. 


Photography: Peter Hayes

Models: Quaid Darnell and Pia Isabella 

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