Year - [December 3rd] 2017

Brand - Graduating Class of 2017 including RAW WAR by Antoinette Raphael

Location - Perth Convention and Exhibition Center, Perth, Western Australia

The INTERSECT Curtin University Fashion Design Graduation Show was a large fashion showcase where THE POWER OF VIBEZ by RAW WAR was debuted. Not only did the brand RAW WAR showcase their creations on the runway, the designer was highly involved in the design and creative process of the INTERSECT brand itself, in collaboration with Sarah Ring.


Sarah and Antoinette can describe the concept of this show as the following words:

“INTERSECT is the collaborative brand encapsulating the variety and uniqueness of the Curtin University Fashion Graduates of 2017. All designers in the Graduating Class of 2017 create and work under different genres and styles, meeting with the idea of all individuals staying true to their own self. The Fashion show will display the equilibrium of several styles of the Graduates of 2017.


Formal Elegance; High-End Streetwear; Subverted Classical Tailoring; Natural Forms of Construction; Colourful Palettes; Culture Central South Asia Influences. All concepts mentioned are each being explored and represented by the whole graduating class. A real sense of difference and originality takes place between individuals, which creates a strong ‘intersect’ when placed together in the same display.


The result of such a merge of these conflicting and unique concepts creates the term INTERSECT. To accommodate and represent all moods evenly, a minimalist and geometric look is the aesthetic of the INTERSECT show. The aesthetic of this brand incorporates a clear mixture of thick and thin line work; monochromatic base for a colour palette; and a cross motif as a crucial visual representation of this show and of this brand.”


The catalogue for the INTERSECT show was photographed by Songy Knox and the images can be found below.


Runway images and videos can also be found below.


The INTERSECT show received some acclaim, media wise, in the West Australian and STM, specifically featuring a RAW WAR runway shot and an image of the Creative Director herself.

Title - INTERSECT Catalogue Photoshoot

Year - [October] 2017

Brand - RAW WAR by Antoinette Raphael

Models - Antoinette Raphael and William Kalimba

Title - INTERSECT Runway

Year - [December 3rd] 2017

Brand - RAW WAR by Antoinette Raphael

Models - Chadwick Modeling Agency [Michaela Bennett, Jack Taylor, Mia Separvoic, Dom Barbagallo, Adhel Acuil, Vincent Tolefe]

Location - Perth Convention and Exhibition Center, Perth, Western Australia

Music - Coordinate by Travis Scott