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'POWER CULTURE' is a collection by RAW WAR that is a development of their previous collection 'THE POWER OF VIBEZ.' RAW WAR continues to convey the notion of Power - branding, money, celebrity, and car Power - however incorporates inspirations from the Oriental Culture and the Art Movements  Cubism and Pop Art. Oriental Culture and the two previously mentioned art movements seem quite contradicting when mentioned together, however the link between the two is the strong nature of their arrivals in their zeitgeist, whilst still maintaining a consistent presence and relevance in our modern society of today.

A continuation of the characteristic 'VIBEZ CURRENCY' print, strong and bold branding, and use of a powerful Red takes place in this collection in addition to the introduction of light weight fabrics such as Printed Satin. This collection also sees RAW WAR delve into a new field of accessories - socks.

This collection's initial showcase was London Fashion Week SS19 in September 2018 (runway imagery and video, plus designer interview found below).


Photographed by Ethan Blackburn.

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