RAW WAR X American Football

Title - RAW WAR X American Football

Year - 2016

Brand - RAW WAR by Antoinette Raphael

Photography - Tabitha Raphael

Models - Antoinette Raphael

Location - Raphael Crib, Perth, Western Australia

RAW WAR X AMERICAN FOOTBALL is a mini capsule collection of 3 outfits designed and created by RAW WAR under the research stimulus of designing based upon a chosen Sport. As told by the name of the collection, American Football was the chosen sport of research and exploration. The aesthetic of American Football in addition to the performance of the sport was taken into consideration when designing the collection. The graphic quality of the uniform; large numbers; oversized tops; shoulder pads; bat-like sleeves; fitted bottoms; graphic line quality; stretchy fabric; tight waist; and quirky icons such as the football itself, were all taken into consideration for the result of the final garments. Endurance based Cool-Core fabrics were incorporated into the garments as this brief was a collaboration with Armacool, as part of Curtin University.

The Creative Director was interviewed by Armacool, and the video can be found below.