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“RICHTER”: is the title of a “numerical scale for expressing the magnitude of an earthquake on the basis of seismograph oscillations.” RAW WAR continues to explore the concept of POWER through this new collection: the POWER of an earthquake on both the land and also the POWER it has on human emotion and interaction. When an earthquake hits a particular area, all purposeful action is paused, and anarchy takes over: buildings are demolished, cars are smashed, and human movement is restricted. Survivors are left with the overwhelming emotion of shock and worry. However, as much as an earthquake has the POWER to destroy and separate, it simultaneously has the power to unite and strengthen…


“RICHTER” is the latest mini collection by Australian fashion brand, RAW WAR. Due to the creative director’s personal experience of an earthquake during her travels in Greece, Raphael has been inspired to reflect on the existence of these natural disasters and how it affected her.


A visual element Raphael uses to reflect earthquakes is the Richter scale recordings of sharp lines that adorn the garments, both plain and inclusive of the brand’s strong name. Selected garments in the collection include a seasonal version of the brand’s logo, drawn up with Richter scale recordings, also. These Richter scale recordings and lines have been placed on charcoal, cloudy tones of grey cotton twill to set a melancholy mood, reflecting on the unpredicted nature of these natural disasters.


Photography: Peter Hayes

Film Director: JustPlayMedia

Soundtrack Production: Mikonic

Models: Antoinette Raphael  & Jesse Pens

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