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RAW WAR is a High-End Streetwear brand based in Australia and founded by Antoinette Wedia Raphael. The brand combines signifiers from both menswear and womenswear into the aesthetic and cut of each piece, in order to provide the wearers with equal power and confidence. 

Since their launch in 2016, they have been recognised by the likes of British Vogue whilst showcasing internationally at London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and nationally in Melbourne, Australia. Continual growth of the brand has seen them dressing musicians in the UK including Santino Le Saint, and featuring in several magazines internationally, especially around Europe. RAW WAR has also dressed musicians in Australia such as Denzel M whilst he was on The Voice Australia. 

The aesthetic of RAW WAR is incapsulated by the highest quality fabric, imported from either Japan or Germany, which is either adorned with bold in-house prints, or simply a monochromatic palette, presented in 3-D through a refined and subverted cut of garment. 


All production takes place ethically and morally in Australia. A combination of quality fabrics and hardware alongside local production, ensures the garment will remain with the customer for years to come, therefore highlighting the sustainability factor of the brand. 

The brand is currently known for their outwear: specifically Bomber Jackets, with most being reversible. Customers can choose from either a conventional oversized silhouette, or their distinctive ‘waist extenuating’ cropped bomber jacket silhouette.  


RAW WAR's stockists have spanned from Wolf & Badger, 1OFF Store, to Jargon*, alongside their own online web-store. They have collaborated with brands such as 1OFF store in Perth: the leading Streetwear & Sneaker store of the city. 1OFF also run the largest and only Sneakers & Streetwear Convention in Australia, titled ‘SNEAKERLAND’ which saw a large-scale RAW WAR pop-up at its inaugural event in addition to their sequel event. 

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