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The brand RAW WAR is an Australian Streetwear brand established in 2016 in Perth, Australia. The brand is centered around the style of the designer herself, Antoinette Wedia Raphael. Raphael's style can be described as quite quirky, edgy, androgynous, and individual in its expression of her unique identity. Therefore RAW WAR plays with the concept of androgynous and quirky fashion through the use of oversized silhouettes, bold and graphic prints, saturated colour palettes, and subverted manipulation of fabrics and construction.


Raphael studied a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Fashion Design at Curtin University, where she continued to develop her love for creating fashion and art that was first encouraged from a young age. Through study, she developed an identity for all her creations, especially her Fashion Designs, under the name she now trades under - RAW WAR.

RAW WAR has been acclaimed in the Fashion Industry through the display of their Capsule Collection, 'THE POWER OF VIBEZ', which premiered at the INTERSECT Graduate Showcase of Curtin University. This collection, in addition to a mini collection titled “50/50 by RAW WAR”, was featured in Melbourne’s Face Fashion Showcase on the 5th of April 2018, where Raphael’s designs closed the night.

RAW WAR's SS19 Collection, 'POWER CULTURE', premiered in London Fashion Week on the 15th of September 2018, with Oxford Fashion Studio. RAW WAR also closed the show in London (image to the left).

The brand has been featured in British Vogue's July, August, and September issues as one of the Designer Profiles, 2018.

RAW WAR's SS19 Collection 'POWER CULTURE' was presented at Milan Fashion Week at the White Milano Trade Show from February 22-25, 2019.

A piece from their Capsule Collection titled 'THE POWER OF VIBEZ' was featured on Denzel. M on 'The Voice Australia', Season 8.

Furthermore, RAW WAR's 'PUZZLED BY RAW WAR' Collection was showcased in Melbourne, Australia with Face Fashion on the 27th of June 2019, closing the show and the event.

Their latest collection "RICHTER by RAW WAR" is the first collection that will only be debuted online via visuals, and released to the public via their online store, in mid 2020.