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The brand highly values sustainability in the practice of design and creation of their pieces. Majority of design work occurs digitally on laptops and iPads, meaning less paper is being consumed during this lengthy, creative process.

In relation to creation of our designed goods, sustainability spans from fabric and notion choices, to choice of 2-D print application, to location of production. All cottons used by the brand are 100% natural cotton (twill, drill and denim). Majority of the fabrics used by the brand are printed with the bold graphics distinctive to RAW WAR. The team choose digital printing as no ink or dye is wasted during the print process. No equipment with ink residue needs to be washed, therefore no toxins are released in the environment. Our zips are either 'YKK' or ‘RIRI’ hardware meaning high quality resulting in long time use.

RAW WAR pieces are either ready-to-wear or custom made-to-fit pieces. Ready-to-wear pieces are made in a small factory in Perth, Australia, where the workers are seamstresses with a life-long experience in sewing. Keeping all sewing production internally in Perth, Australia by expert seamstresses results in the highest quality product that will last a long time with the customer. Long-lasting product ultimately means the product won’t be thrown away as easy and will most likely last for generations to come. Keeping production locally also encourages local employment.

Custom made-to-fit pieces are created in-house in the RAW WAR studio by the team. A mix of high quality sewing in addition to custom fitting results in the customer highly valuing the piece both due to its rarity and quality. This process also leads to long-lasting products which won’t be thrown away as easy and will also most likely last for generations to come.

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