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Puzzled is an adjective to describe a situation which is “unable to understand;” whilst being a descriptive emotion of a human where they “feel confused because they cannot understand something.” Stereotypically, being puzzled doesn’t have powerful connotations, however RAW WAR explores this unusual concept in their new mini collection.


Being puzzled from a situation, a person, or an emotion, is based on a powerful human’s ability to challenge and unconditionally believe in their perspective. Feeling puzzled can also express individuals reflecting on themselves: where they are, who they surround themselves with, and the direction they are currently taking.


The feeling of ‘Puzzled’ should never be looked upon as negative in connotation, instead should be shone a light on in emphasis of how powerful it is to question our situations and surroundings in order for us to never be naïve or oblivious to the truth.  


Visually, the word ‘Puzzled’ can be represented through the most obvious motif: the puzzle piece, jigsaw puzzle. Every individual has their own ‘bigger picture’ they are trying to create with every movement they make. Each move you make plays a role in how the bigger picture will turn out. Through difficult times, the bigger picture is merely impossible to view, however the faith in its leader will allow perseverance throughout the duration. 


The above rationale is only just an extension of where RAW WAR's initial inspiration first came from. The inspiration for this collection was initially found through Antoinette's personal circumstance with her brother. Her brother's adoration with puzzles, due to his autism, saw Antoinette be constantly surrounded by these games in her family living room. The repetition of these games became so normal to her sight, until one day. She began to study the shape of a single jigsaw puzzle. She illustrated this shape; photographed this shape, and collaged this shape. This study resulted in the creation of this mini collection titled ‘PUZZLED [BY RAW WAR].’

This collection was premiered at the Face Fashion event in Melbourne, Australia in June 2019.


Photographed by Ethan Blackburn.

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